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暖宮養巢調理師證書課程 Womb Warming Conditioner Certificate Course


1. 女性生殖系統解剖生理學

2. 子宮卵巢保養的目的,意義及功能

3. 人體內分泌系統解構

4. 預防卵巢早衰及因素

5. 預防子宮病變及子宮病變形成因素

6. 子宮卵巢護養的方法

7. 穴位及經絡的認識

8. 香薰按摩油的配對運用

9. 背部手法技巧





Course content︰

1. Anatomy and Physiology of Female Reproductive System

2. The purpose, significance and function of uterus and ovary maintenance

3. Deconstruction of the human endocrine system

4. Prevent premature ovarian failure and its factors

5. Prevent uterine lesions and factors causing uterine lesions

6. Methods of caring for the uterus and ovaries

7. Understanding acupoints and meridians

8. Pairing and using aromatherapy massage oil

9. Back manipulation techniques

10. Abdominal cleansing techniques

11.Customer consultation content and techniques

12.Professional ethics and safety rules of Nuangong Health Practitioners

13. Practical exercises and assessments

暖宮養巢調理師證書課程 Womb Warming Conditioner Certificate Course

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